Two-Minute Statewide Survey

The Maine Forest Products Industry needs to be the ones to answer your questions since it is their survey. But Cary Western [] stated below the following about the survey (all listed below).

What Is It?
A quick 2 minute statewide survey designed to help us better understand public opinion and awareness of key issues facing Maine's Forest Products Industry.

Who Is The Survey For?
The survey is being conducted on behalf of Forest Opportunity Roadmap or FOR/Maine.

What Is For/Maine?
FOR/Maine is a cross-sector coalition of Maine Forest Products Industry stakeholders working to help shape the future of Maine's economy.

Why The Survey?
The results of the survey will play a role in developing future public communication priorities. There is no personal identification data collected as part of the survey. There is no requirement to submit name or email address to participate in the survey.



Monthly Board Meetings

Monthly Board Meetings held in the USDA conference room at 107 Park St. , Farmington are held the 1st Monday of each month from 8 am - 10 am.


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