Franklin County Soil & Water Conservation District serves a varied audience within the county, and provides services not supplied by other organizations, such as LURC and DEP permit reviews and assistance, Erosion and Sediment plans and outreach on preventing erosion issues, outreach to students on natural resource issues and many other projects.


Positive Impacts of FCSWCD include:


  • The District provides educational workshops on various natural resource topics.
  • The District provides technical assistance and/or referrals.
  • The District partners with other natural resource agencies, non-profits, and private businesses to promote the wise use of Maine's natural resources.


Franklin County Soil & Water Conservation District strives to address the voluntary conservation of natural resources for all citizens by providing technical assistance and educational programming. The Franklin County Soil & Water Conservation District is a Not-For-Profit Organization. Proceeds from our fund-raising efforts are used to support our educational programs and to promote conservation and the wise use of our natural resources. The Franklin County SWCD is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Franklin County Soil & Water Conservation District was encumbered on September 20, 1948, in accordance with Chapter 29, Revised Statutes 1944, of the Laws of the State of Maine. A board of five supervisors
governs each District. Two members are appointed by the Commissioner of Agriculture and
three are elected by Franklin County registered voters. The laws of the Conservation Districts are based on the principle that landowners and operators should take the initiative and responsibility in creating programs that will protect and improve resources that have a direct and
immediate bearing on the people.

We work with many partners to provide conservation assistance to the public. One of our partners is the United States Department of Agricultureís Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Through this partnership, NRCS provides the District with a strong technical background. We also work with many other federal, state and local partners.

The District reaches out to all customers in the community to determine priorities and set a course of action to solve natural resource problems. We provide local conservation leadership, teach the value of natural resources, encourage conservation efforts, and help plan and implement voluntary programs.

Benefits of District Programs


  • Local solutions to local problems
  • Hands on Training Technical assistance to the community
  • Conservation education
  • Cooperative approach to resource conservation
  • Promote the value of natural resources
  • Engineering assistance by request
  • Re-certification credit courses
  • Site evaluations for contractors
  • Provide educational programs for schools, youth and adults
  • LakeSmart Award Evaluations

Board of Supervisors

Henry Hardy, Chairman

Henry is currently Chairman of the Soil & Water Conservation Districtís Board of Supervisors. Henry, with his wife, Teresa, and three children, milk 40 head of registered Ayrshires twice a day on their organic dairy farm. He works in the woods doing selective cutting during the winter and makes maple syrup in the spring. Henry is currently the treasurer of the Franklin County Farm Bureau, the president of the New England and the Maine State Ayrshire Clubs and a Franklin County 4-H Dairy Club leader. He is also a past-president of Franklin County Extension Executive Board and has taught a tractor safety course for many years.

Pam Harnden, Vice-Chair
(Member 1996-Present)

Pam is currently Vice-Chair of the Soil & Water Conservation District's Board of Supervisors and has served on the Board since 1996. She is employed as a staff writer for the Franklin Journal Group. She is education-oriented and, whenever possible, works with the children's programs. Pam is the President of the Franklin County Farm Bureau Board of Directors and a State Director for Maine Farm Bureau.

L. Herbert "Bussie" York, Secretary
(Member 1970-present)

"Bussie" is currently Secretary of the Soil & Water Conservation Districtís Board of Supervisors and has served on the Board since 1970. Bussie & wife, Brenda, own & operate the 1,500 acres that make up the Sandy River Farms. He also served at the state level, MACD & Conservation Commission for 10 plus years in various positions including president, as well as on the national NACD levels. Bussie has or is serving on: the Farmington: planning board & budget committees, Grange #122, and Farmerís Union, as well as the Franklin County: 4-H beef foundation committee leader and leader for the tractor club; Extension Association; Leaders Association; Farm Service Agency; and Farm Bureau, not to mention the Western Mountains Alliance. Statewide, he served on the: Dairy Show committee, Dairyman Assoc., Bean Growers Assoc., Maple Producers Assoc., Farm Bureau, Milking Shorthorn Assoc., etc.

Patty Cormier, Treasurer

Patty is currently the Treasurer of the Soil & Water Conservation Districtís Board of Supervisors. Patty Cormier, Maine State Forester, went to Quebec to assist in fighting the 2010 forest fire that left smoke-filled air in coastal Maine. She conducts many FCSWCD training sessions including those on invasive plants and GPS. Patty graduated from the University of Maine in 1988 with a BS in Forest Management. She served as forester for the US Forest Service in Towands, PA; forester for Georgia Pacific Corporation in Baileyville, ME., before joining the Maine Forest Service as District Forester. She is a volunteer firefighter in Farmington, Maine, and Chair for the Upper Kennebec Valley Chapter of the Small Woodland Owners of Maine. In 2003, Patty received the Outstanding Stewardship Award for Maine Project Learning Tree and in 2005, she received the Outstanding Forestry Award from the Knox-Lincoln SWCD. Patty also hiked the entire Appalachian Trail in 1986-1987.

Bruce Tracy, Member-at-Large

Bruce is currently Member-at-Large of the Soil & Water Conservation District's Board of Supervisors and has served on the Board since 1992. He has been an active member of the 4-H Swine Club, Beef & Tractor Club, Assistant 4-H leader of both the Swine Club and the Sue-Sue Club, as well as serving on the Farmington Budget Committee. At the state level, Bruce served on the Maine: Maple Producers Assoc., Angus Assoc., and Beef Assoc. He also served on the New England and the National Angus Association.

Bill Berry

University of Maine, Farmington Professor Emeritus Archie W. Berry Jr., widely known as "Bill," is a distinguished geologist, western Maine community supporter and generous philanthropist -- deeply committed to promoting economic and community development by funding investments that leverage additional support and build capacity. In 2003, Berry and other members of his family undertook a project to bring a very significant benefit to the community that he has called home since 1970 -- the purchase of Saddleback Ski Resort, with the intention of promoting economic development in western Maine, and ensuring the continuation of skiing for future generations. Bill has generously supported the University of Maine at Farmington by establishing UMF's first endowed chair (in geology) and other important campus campaigns. He earned a B.S. in civil engineering from Lehigh University in 1955, a M.S.T. in biology-geology from Colby College in 1966, and a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Kansas in 1970. He joined the UMF faculty in 1970 and became full professor in 1975, retiring in 1996.

Linton Robinson

Linton has been an Associate Supervisor since 1992. He owns and operates the 268 acre LDR Farm, in Chesterville, Jay, & Perkins Plantation. Linton worked on his fatherís farm and lumbering business for several years before starting his own beef herd and forest harvesting business. Linton and his wife Diane have 3 grown sons. He is active with both the Franklin County Farm Bureau past president and vice president and the State Forestry committee. Linton is on the Chesterville Planning Board and has been a member of the Maine Beef Producers Feeder Calf Sales since 1988. He received the Woodland Conservation Award in 1988.

Ellen "Ellie" Hopkins

Ellie is a retired school teacher from the mid-West, with her permanent residency on Locke Pond. She is very active in the Lake Smart programs and enjoys assisting the staff and supervisors wherever she can and serving on our Board of Supervisors. Ellie joined the Board in February of 2010.

Robert "Bob" Leso

Bob graduated from the University of Maine - Orono in 1964 with a B S. in Forestry. After working in the Peace Corps for 3 years in Peru and serving in the U. S. Army for 2 years, he went to work for the Maine Forest Service as a Service Forester. He worked primarily in Franklin and Somerset Counties advising non-industrial private landowners. He retired in 2006. Bob and his wife, Mimi, are members of the Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine (SWOAM) and have their woodland in New Sharon and Chesterville enrolled in the Tree Farm Program. They have 2 sons and 2 grandsons. They also have 4 cats. He was appointed to the position of Associate Supervisor with the Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District in 2007. Bob is a member of the Chesterville Planning Board and the Maine Tree Farm Committee.

Frank Forster

Frank joined the FCSWCD Board of Supervisors in February of 2011 where he has been a great asset to the supervisors. Frank Forster and Lynn Ricardo purchased their farm in New Vineyard in 2002. They now raise black Angus beef cattle. Frank has been serving on the New Vineyard Board of Selectmen since 2006 and continues to serve on the Franklin County Farm Bureau, which he joined sometime in 2008.

Scot Bubier
(Member 2016-present)

Scot works for Maine Woods Pellet Company in Athens selling pellets. Scot and his brother, Jon, own a tree farm in Phillips. He is the manager of their tree farm and has done tree plating and pruning, as well as several types of timber and improvements. He has done road and trail work on his own land and for others over the years. Scot has enjoyed working with soil and water conservations since he was 14 years old. He started with apple tree restoration with the help of Bob Leso.

Steven Fuller

Steve has attended tech school for wood harvesting and survey. After 30 years of service in the D.O.T., he has now retired. There he was in construction, paving, and survey as an inspector and technician. He lives in Phillips and is a Tree Farm and Maine Woodland owners association member. Steve and his wife Sandi have been involved with NRCS doing trails and other conservation practices. They continue to do selective harvesting for marketable timber and firewood on their land. As a couple, they are genuinely interested in their land for recreation and enhancing wildlife for future generations as well as preserving natural resources.

District Employee - Rosetta White,
Executive Director and Education Coordinator

Trainee/Volunteer - Maria Musto,
Office Assistant

1930 Ė 2015

Fred was known and respected by the many he came in contact with and served or worked with over the years. Fred was introduced to the Franklin County Soil & Water Conservation District by his friend, Thayden Farrington in 1986, when he served as an Associate until October 1987.

Fred was then appointed to the Districtís Board of Supervisors when Adrian Harris resigned. He served as the Vice-Chairperson until being appointed Chair in 1991. Fred served as the Districtís Chairperson through 1999.He then was appointed as the Conservation Districtís Treasurer until he stepped down in 2009.

The Franklin County Soil & Water Conservation District owes a lot to Fredís faithful service to the Board, the District, and to MACD.

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